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                  On the set of Jack


On the set of CSI

Steven R Kutcher on Set of "Now & Again"

On the set of "Now and Again"

(New York City)




Partial List of Productions Worked on by

Steven R Kutcher,

"The Spider-Man Behind Spider-Man"


My specialty is working with arthropods: Insects, arachnids, and crustaceans. I specialize in doing unusual things with insects (tricks, costuming, coloring, obtaining, consulting & solving bug problems).


Casting six-legged "actors" in Hollywood



The following are partial lists of the many projects I have worked on.


Please contact me for current updates.


Theatrical Films


Movies And Productions Made For TV


Music Videos





Theatrical Films

A Very Brady Sequel 1996 Tarantula
Alien 4 1997 spider, spiderweb
Antwone Fisher Story (FISH) 2001 grasshoppers
Arachnophobia      (In Charge of Spider project) 1990 spiders, cricket, bugs + cameo


Astronomy (Canteclair Films) 1987 beetles & other insects
Barbarian Queen 2 1988 tarantula
Back to the Future 2 1989 Insect displays and varies dead insects
Bad Ass Bugs  (in production) 2013 Mealworms, tarantula +   cameo
Blankman 1994 flies
Blind Fury 1988 wasp (tarantula hawk)
Burbs, The 1989 bees
Captain Nuke and The Bomber Boys 1994 cockroaches (pizza)
Cherry 2000 1985 bees
Clifford 1991 butterflies
Cold Heaven 1992 monarch butterflies
Contact 1997 cockroach
Copycat 1995 carpenter ants
Cursed (Wes Craven) 2003 fly
Cyborg 1989 cockroach
Dead Heat 1990 cockroaches
Dracula 1991 - 1992 bugs, edible bugs
Dutch Treat 1986 cockroaches
Ed 1995 - 1996 orb spider
Exorcist 2 1978? grasshoppers
Exhuming Mr. Rice 2000 ants,  scorpion? 
Extremities 1985 wasps and wasp nest
Fatal Instinct 1993 butterflies  (cut)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1997 beetles, mealworms
Fright Night Part 2 1989 mealworms, lots of bugs
Follow, The          Trailer...Mickey Roarke  (ants on sandwich, scene cut) 1989 mealworms, lots of bugs
G-Force 2009 tarantula, cockroach (test shots for animation)
Golden Child 1986 monarch butterfly
Good Shepherd, The 2006 grasshoppers
Goonies 1985 leech (cut)
Green Monkey 1987 consultation, script
Hitcher, The 2006 spiders, scorpion (my foot kicks scorpion)
Hocus Pocus 1993 cabbage white butterflies
How to Eat Fried Worms 2005 consultant on script
Jack 1995 monarch butterflies
James and the Giant Peach 1994 dwarf tarantulas
Jungle Book- Mowgli's Story 1997 bees
Jurassic Park 1993 live mosquitoes, amber bugs
Keep the Change 1991 cockroach (hissing)
L.A. Confidential 1996 maggots on body under house
Leprechaun 2  (Leprecaun  tarantulas and bugs 1991) 1994 green cockroaches
Like Jake and Me  (short?) 1988 spider
Lord of Illusion 1995 cockroaches, tarantulas
Lost Empire, The (Harwood prods) 1983 - 1984 tarantula
Lost Highway                                                                         (worked with David Lynch recording moths sound) 1996 spider, moths
Mamitas 2011 Monarch butterfly
Matilda 1995 cockroach, newt
Meet the Applegates 1989 praying mantis, tarantula
Mighty Ducks III 1995 ants
Mimic 1997 ants, termites
Mr. Payback 1995 roaches, mealworms
My Sinful Life      (Possible name Change?)   darkling beetles
Music From Another Room 1998 bees
Nocturnal Animals 2016 TBA after screening
Open House 1987 flies
National Treasure 2,  Book of Secrets 2007 beetles and various insects
Open House 1987 flies
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 1986 - 1987 dragonfly, fly
Night of the Demons 2 1994 maggots sub., cockroach
Open House 1987 flies
Pacific Heights 1990 cockroaches
Paranoia     ("Brain Dead")  (butterfly flies out of head off brain) 1989  butterfly 
Police Academy 6 1989 cabbage butterflies (moths)
Prince of Darkness 1987 darkling beetles, worms
Race The Sun 1995 cockroach
Rant   (Short) 1997 harvester ants
Rising Sun 1992 harvester ants,  ant nest
Roadhouse 66 1984 scorpion
Roadside Prophet               (filmed 1990) 1992 scorpion
Road Trip 1985 cockroaches
Runaway Jury 2003 carpenter ants
Runaways 2009 spider
Scoring                                                               1994 ck 1996 tarantula, snake
Second Coming 1992 cockroaches
Seven Hours of Judgment 1988 ants
Sky's on Fire, The 1998 bees, bugs
Soap Dish 1991 cockroaches
Spiderman 2001 - 2002 spiders, Web down, consulting

 on spider.

Spiderman 3     (scene cut) 2006 spider runs on floor
Taphaphobia 2006 spider
Teenage Werewolf II 1987 fleas (actually small nats)   (ants collected)
Temp, The 1992 wasps, scorpions, roaches
Texaekana    (TV Feature) 1992 ants,  ant farm
Tigers Tail 1986 caterpillars
Vampire in Brooklyn 1995 cockroach
Vanishing, The 1992 spider, fly
Walk In The Clouds 1995 butterflies
We Bought A Zoo 2011 honey bee swarm
Wild Wild West 1998 tarantulas (on White House)


Steven R Kutcher & Mantid Photo/Caption, Courtesy Baxter Scruggs


Photo & Caption Courtesy Baxter Scruggs



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Mikael Hayes   "Arise and Fall" 1997 cockroaches

Movies And Productions Made For TV

Amazing Stories         Commercial

 (fly walk thru ink and leave footprints fly on book)

1991 or  fly
An Inconvenient Woman 1991 Flew wasp (vespid) in 

Roddy Mcdowall's mouth

Beekman's World 199 tarantulas, ants
Blindsided (USA Network) 1993? tarantula, wasps
Bernie Mac Show, The    "Love Bug" 2003 mealworm beetles
Boy Meets World 1997? snails
Boy Meets World "Bee True" 1999 bees
Brothers & Sisters "You Get What You Need" 2008 caterpillar
Buck Rogers in the 21st Century 1980? dragonflies
Burke's Law       Who Killed Mr. Game Show?" 1994 butterfly cases, spiders
Burning Zone 1996 script worms?
CSI NY  "Fair Game" 2006 insect cuisine scorpions mealworms

cameo as chief (hands)

Capital Hill   bees
Chicago Hope 2000 tarantula
Chamber, The        Game Show 2002 misc. insects
Criminal Minds "Inspiration" ep 901 2013 praying mantis
Criminal Minds "The Inspired" ep 902   2013 praying mantis
Criminal Minds      Perennials 2012 maggots, flies, wax worms
Dark Skies   "The Last Wave" 1997 maggots
District, The 2002 cockroaches
Exhuming Mr. Rice 1998 scorpions?
Family Matters 1995? giant mealworms
Hidden Video   spiders, bugs
House  "Distractions" 2005 maggots
It's a Miracle   "Summer Miricles"     (season 7 episode 2?) 2002? bee (on arm)
JAG   flies
Jericho  "Episode 6" 2006 worms grasshoppers
Judy's Got A Gun (Pilot) 2007 ants
Kung Fu, The Movie 1986 grasshopper
Larry Sanders Show, The  Season One, Episode Number 6

Spiders  (Nominated for Emmy, Best Comedy) 

1992 tarantulas, Steven Kutcher
Laverne and Shirley Reunion 2002 insects cockroaches
Life with Bonnie   (The Bonnie Hunt Show) "Therabeautic" 

                      Epis 219 bonnie destroys office  trying to kill bee

2004 honey bee. Cameo of me  at end of show over credits
Making It (with Jack Lemon)  Getting There??  HBO 1991 ants 
Marker   bees
Mentalist, The     "Red in Tooth and Claw" 2013 Super worms, hissing cockroaches, bug zoo 
Mikael Hayes   "Arise and Fall" 1997 cockroaches
McGiver   (for Birds and Animals unlimited Gary Gero) 1991 cockroaches
Monk      "Mr. Monk Bumps his head" 2005 bees
Murder of Innocence (with Bertinelli) 1993 butterflies
Now and Again:

   Bugmeister Parts 1 and 2

2000 many insect types:

   flies, butterflies etc.

Power Rangers 1994 praying mantis, cockroaches
Pretender, The 1996 cockroaches
Rescue 911 (2)  1994 1994 yellow jackets
Scars that Heal 1993 tarantula
Scoop, The  ((British TV)   Story about Steven Kutcher 1997 lots of insects tarantulas, 
Secret Life on 122 Green Street, The 1994 fly, cockroach, spider, etc.
Sliders 1996 cockroach
Strong Medicine   "Jeaneology" 2003 mosquitoes
Supah Ninjas   "Mr Bradford" 2011 cockroaches bugs in tanks, bugs crawling on desk, bugs crawling 
Tarantulas, The Deadly Cargo 1977 tarantulas, worked actors
Texarkana 1998 ants ant farm
Their Eyes Are Watching God 2004 caterpillar, honey bee
Tom Hertz Project (Fox TV Pilot) 2003 insect zoo
Viper 1994 tarantula spiders
Women of Brewster Place 1989 cockroach
Wonder Woman, Formicida 1978 ants
Young and Restless, The 1991 ants
X-Files  "Millennium" 1999 flies,
X-Files  "the Sixth Extinction" 2005  Moths

Criminal Minds 2013                                                 The Mentalist Steven and Duiana Terranova               Steven working out

 Steven, Diana Terranova and Praying Mantis          and hissing cockroaches and superworms 


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Music Videos

Abdul, Paula   butterflies (display case)
Aguilara, Christina, FIGHTER 2003 moths
Arachnophobia (2) 1990 spiders, insects
Brad,   "The Day Brings"  * 1999 butterflies
Cantrell, Jerry,  "Anger Rising" 2002 emperor scorpion
Christine Aguilara    "Fighter"  directed by Floria Sigismondi 2002 Moths
Cold      "No One"    (Remix) * 2001 tarantula
Cooper, Alice      welcome to my nightmare (possibly cut) 19 scorpions, mealworms
Crazy Town  "Butterfly" 2000 butterflies
 G, Gina    "Tonight's the Night" * 2006 spider
Godsmack,  "I stand Alone" * 2002 scorpion
Hammer M. C. 1992 butterflies
Idle, Billy,  L A WOMAN 1990 cockroach in drink, meal worm
Jackson, Janet, TOGETHER AGAIN (Deeper Remix) * 1997 butterfly
Jackson, Michael,       "Stranger in Moscow" * 1996 wasp

   (in slow motion)

Jet Boy,  "Evil" *   (spider on body and face) 1990 spider
Korn 1996 cockroaches
Lexi  "I'm a Winner" 1999 scorpion
Moments in Grace  "Stratus" * 1997 swallowtail butterfly, millipede
M People,  "Just for you"  1997 insects, many types
No Doubt  "Don't Speak" * 1996 fly, mealworms
Outkast    "Prototype"  * 2004 Monarch butterfly
Phillips, Bijou, "When I Hated Ham" *  (fly scene cut) 1999 flies
Pru,   "Aaroma" * 2001 butterflies
Texas   "Say What you Want" 1997 dragonfly, monarch butterfly
Xhibit   "Multiply"* 2002 scorpion
Other Artists:  Miki "Something I never had",  1998 Seiko "Touch the Love",  1999 Bijou Phillips "When I hated him" flies cut, 1996

QKumba Zoo ,  Supplied cockroach for Papa Roach Poster (2000) 

M.C. Hammer1992  butterflies.

  Note a "*" indicts the video can be watched on the internet


  dragonfly, monarch butterfly


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On the set of a commercial shoot


** Doritos spot  for super bowl contest                                Tracy Wren / Steven Kutcher  A Boy and A Bug

Link below. Copy and past if it does not work 



2011 Praying Mantis
Commercials I have worked on     
ADD Council 2009 misc. bugs
ADIDAS (David Lynch) 1993? misc. bugs
ALCOA ALUMINUM 1989 spiderweb, butterfly
ALL (soap) "A Short Story" 1998 caterpillar
APPLEBEE'S  " A Garden Party"   (Shot at Disney Ranch) 2006 butterfly
APPLE COMPUTER  "Snail"   (For Super Bowl) *  Touch Pad Air Verses 2013 (Praying Mantis) 1998 snail
AT&T   cabbage butterfly
ATLANTIC BELL 1989 monarch butterfly
AVIA (shoes) 1991 lady bugs
BARCLAYCARD   "Men"  or "the Same" 2004 bees
BELL CANADA 200 bees 
BLAUPUNKT 1993 butterfly
BLUE CROSS 1991 bee,bugs, caterpillars
BUD LIGHT    "Cricket"      (Traktor Films)    *                                  filmed 1999 2000 Jerusalem cricket in costume
BUD LIGHT  -Ants     Cedric the Entertainer   Chicago* 2003 ants
CAPITAL ONE  "Camping" 2006 Butterflies
CARL'S JR  "Aliens & Plant" 1997  
CARTOON NETWORK  "My Gym Partner Is A Monkey" 2003? ants
CHASE  "Whoa" 2011 walking stick
CHEVRON OIL 1983 El Segundo butterfly
CHEVRON OIL   beetle
CHEVRON OIL 1987 spider web
CHRYSLER     "Wings" 1997 monarch butterfly, dragon fly
COMBAT 1993, 1994,


roaches, ants
COMDEX 1997 monarch butterfly
CSX  "Fireworks?"* 2011 butterfly (high speed?)
DELL 1998 ants
DESPERADOS  (BEER)   Director directed by Floria Sigismondi 2012 moths Manduca Monarchs 
DIAL SOAP 1998 cabbage white butterfly
DOCKERS 1993 butterfly
DODGE DYNASTY  "show" 1995 butterfly, 

   (Trettin Rodenbush)

1991 Gulf fritillary butterfly

 spider webs

DR PEPPER  "Sack"   (with Michael Strahan) * 2010 caterpillar
DRYER'S ICE CREAM 1985 monarch butterfly
DUNKIN' DONUTS 2010 monarch butterfly
ECOLOGISER 1998? monarch butterfly
EVENRUDE   "Bugs" 2006 bugs hit windshield
FIAT (ABARTH) 2012 Scorpion
FRENCH SHAMPOO (Tim Otay)   bees
FUJI BANK 1995 monarch butterfly
GALLO, GOSSAMER BAY (wine) 1997 monarch butterfly
GALOOP TOYS 1990 monarch butterfly
GEORGIA PACIFIC   butterflies
GERBER'S BABY FOOD "One Baby Food" 1990 butterfly
GLADLOCK  "Your bag doesn't have a green seal"   * 

   (Peter Story Piccallo Gullivar)

1989 bees
HALLMARK  2012 caterpillar
GOLDSTAR 1990 ants
HALLMARK  "Back Yard" 2011 butterfly
HARTFORD INSURANCE 2009 insects ladybug caterpillar millipede butterfly
HEWLETT PACKARD (4)  Touch Screen 150 computer *  198 monarch butterfly/caterpillar
HITACHI 1992 butterfly
HONDA  "Survival" 1997 grasshopper
HUNDAI 2000 butterfly (shoe)
IKON OFFICE SUPPLY 1996 spider, moth
INSECT LORE  "Live Butterfly Garden" 2010 Painted lady butterflies
JEEP   "Bug" 1996, 1998 ladybug, darkling beetle
JOLLY RANCHER 1998 spider, tarantula
KIA 2000 carpenter desert bees
K-MART (shoes) 1983 butterflies
KLEENEX     "Guru"   (Shot in SF) * 2005 spider , beetle, mosquito
LEXUS  "Fly"  * 1999, 2002 flies, carpenter bee
LEVI STRAUSS 1991 cockroach
LOWE'S 2002 monarch butterflies, ladybugs
MCDONALDS 1989 praying mantis, other insects
MENTAL HEALTH HOSPITAL   monarch butterfly
MICHELOB 1995 bumble bee
MILK ADVISORY BOARD                 (GOT MILK) 2000 carpenter ants
MINI COOPER  "Bumble Bee" 2004 bumble bee
MOBIL OIL 19 ladybug
MONSANTO 1989 ants, moths
Natria    " Natria"  Bayer  2010  2010 monarch butterfly
New York Times  "Science Times"  1998 butterfly
NIKE    1997  "Anthem "  ,1998  "Marathon Man" ,              2005 "Team"  1998, 2005 monarch butterfly
NINTENDO (GAME BOY) 2003 moths (cabbage whites)
OMEGA WATCH   "Racing"  1995 fly
ORIDA POTATOES 1991 swallowtail butterfly
ORKIN    93"classroom training ant"  ant under water 1989, 1991?,


cockroach, termite, ant
ORTHO "Bug Be Gone"  "Weed b Gone" 1986 monarch butterfly
ORTHO (SCOTT'S) 2003 grubs, ants
PANASONIC   (DVD player) 1998 monarch butterfly
PDFA  Partnership for a Drug Free America  "Slom"   *   leeches anti drug spot 2006  leeches
PEPSI  "Slice 2" 1998  butterfly ?
PEUGEOT  "Raindrop" 1996 dragonfly
PGA 2002 fly
PREMIERE INSURANCE   butterflies (out of jar)
PROACTIVE 2009 butterfly
POLAROID   praying mantis
PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS 2000 monarch butterfly
QUALCOMM   "Bug Circus"  Snapdragon 

                       (spot went viral on internet) on youtube 

2011 tarantula, praying mantis, scorpion, darkling beetles death feigning beetles
REESE'S PIECES  1991 butterflies
REVLON 2010 lady bug

   (Dexter, Dryer & Lai)

1998? tarantula
SCOTT'S  "Bug b Gone" 2010 cockroach or ants?
SEARS 19 butterfly
SEGA   flies & misc. bugs
SEMPRA ENERGY 1998 cabbage white butterfly
SEREVENT  (Glaxo-Welcome) 1997 monarch butterfly
SEVEN-ELEVEN 1992 cocoon (moth)
SLICE 1998 darkling beetle
SMITH'S MARKETS 1993? ants
SNAPDRAGON Qualcom  *  "Bug Circus" (on youtube) Over one million hits 2011 Insect generate energy.  Beetle, tarantula, scorpion, mantis, hissing cockroach
SNICKERS  "Marking"   filmed at L A Coliseum 1997 wasp chases man moving lawn
SNUGGLES 1988 monarch butterfly
SONY 1992 bumble bee
SOUPLANTATION   "Big 126" 2000 butterflies
STANDARD BRANDS PAINT        "Floor" 1988 butterfly or beetle?
STAINMASTER  "Bee" 2004 bee on breakfast plate, chase bee
SUBARU      (Laslo the snail on drag strip)  (Spun Buggy) 1988 snail
SUNLIGHT DETERGENT  (Mounted dead butterfly so wings moved with puffs of air) 1987? morpho blue butterfly 
SWATCH     (filmed in car wash,  lady tries to kill bumble bee,  watch gets wet)  1994, 1995 bumble bee, fly
TACO BELL  (Do IT)?      bee beard 2008? bees
TDK TAPE  (worked with Stevie Wonder) 1985 butterflies
TELECOM ITALIA  *      (worked with Marlon Brando)  2000 monarch butterfly
TOYOTA HYBRID,       Scorpion 2014(not for airing) 2002 scorpion
TRI COUNTY HEALTH 1985 monarch butterfly
US UNWIRED 1997 giant mealworms
VCR PLUS *  Promo  fly (15 sec.)   (programs channel changer) 1992 flies
VERIZON * commercial  (glued mosquitos on actors faces)  (filmed in 2007) 2008 mosquitos
VIRGINIA LOTTERY     "Barrel of Bucks" 1993 mealworms, beetles, roaches
VW  Volkswagen 2002 fly
WCW (World Championship Wrestling) 1999 ants
ZIMA (Coors Brewing)) "Killer Bees" 1998, 2000 bee, fly
Note a "*" indicts the video can be watched on the internet *  
keep the change roach on knife91,   roach



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